Here is a cow that reads tweets out loud. You're welcome.


In order to start the Cowpilot experience, it's advisable to take out that old turn-table that's in your cave. If it's dusty, which is probably the case, you should start by cleaning it a bit. You might want to put on that Stanley Clarke record of yours. It fits well, but don't turn the volume too loud.

This is a preposterapp, which requires you to be either:

  • Drunk
  • High

The two conditions are however not mutually exclusive. Note that this shouldn't constitute a valide excuse to do it at work.

If you have friends around, we figured out that it's better to make sure that they also are in the same state as you are.

We also recommand you plugging your computer to your TV and turning the volume loud. If possible, close the curtain and put the volume loud.

If you actually took these instructions seriously, then you are ready to start!

How does it work?!!1

Type in the search input a keyword and the Cow will find tweets matching that keyword.

Dancing snails

If you want to see tweets with pictures, add 'twitpic' to your search.

Dancing snails twitpic

You can also search for tweets within a place. This uses twitter's place ids.

Dancing snails twitpic place:f9c4cad0af2337fa

The above searches for dancing snails pictures in Paris.